For professionals, we are also official Iveco partner

IVECO utility vehicles are robust versatile and powerful, we appreciate them enormous and with a professional team who, thanks to their experience and service, are able to create lasting customers relationships.
We have a thorough knowledge of the activity and territory. We know the transport industry SMEs better than anyone. We know how to interpret the requirements of the customer and how to find the right answer to his questions.

Our services

New and used vehicles

Advices first

Much more than for buying a car, buying a utility vehicle requires the professional advices of a passionate salesperson to establish the main points of the specification such as transmission ratio or the suspension according to your usage and your budget!
With more than hundred vehicles sold per year, you can be sure that you are well advised to buy your new or used vehicle, but also for future modifications or adaptations.  

Maintenance and assistance

An official Iveco service

In an extensive fully equipped workshop, Antoine and Benoit Reul assisted by highly qualified technicians, intervene on your vehicle with rigor and passion.

You are picked up where you are

We have our personal assistance equipment to control the quality of the intervention, and this in the best delays. 

Vehicles rental

A wide choice

For your various temporary needs, we can offer you an adequate solution in terms of rental of IVECO utility vehicles.

Engine Remapping

For more driving comfort

The modern engines of your IVECO are equipped with electronic control systems that control the different mechanical components (pressure and injection time, turbo pressure, etc.). The optimization of each of these parameters improves the efficiency of your engine, this without exceeding the manufacturers’ tolerances and thus maintaining a reliability and an optimal lifetime for your engine.
Via the engine remapping, the REULPRO technicians can increase the torque (between 15 and 30% on average) at low speed and the actual engine power (between 15 and 30%). This generates a fuel economy of +-10%. The aim of our intervention for your engine remapping is to develop a mapping from your original map, in essence a custom mapping for your vehicle accorded to your uses and constraints (for example, to pull heavy trailer).
In 90% of cases, the remapping of your ECU will be done vie the OBD socket while the remaining 10% will require a direct intervention on the computer (but without any electric welding). REULPRO is equipped for both cases with advanced equipment.  


Fitting from your utility vehicle and accessorising

So that your utility vehicle is perfectly useful, we can accompany you for the fitting and the complementary equipment for it.

Discover also Reul Parts.

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